Terms of Use

Please, read carefully The terms of use before using this e-store. With the confirmation of an order, you agree with our Terms of Use. If you do not agree with them, please, do not use the e-store.

All materials, published in this site - texts, photos, descriptions, charts, etc. are owned by TASHEV and offered only for personal and not commercial use. It is not allowed materials from this site to be copied or used by other sites or printed editions without the explicit consent of TASHEV. All materials in this site are under the protection of the Copyright law and every unauthorized use could be a violation of the Copyright law, the Trademark rights or other law regulations.
TASHEV keeps its rights to change, add or remove content from this site.

In TASHEV’s e-store registration is not necessary. If you are a regular customer, a personal account would make shopping easier. Once registered, you need only your e-mail and password to place an order - all other information is filled automatically.
In case of forgotten password, we send a new one to your e-mail, which you can change in ‘my profile’.

TASHEV e-store uses your personal information only for the processing and shipping of your orders. We do not use your personal information, or your orders’ information, for any other reason except the stated above.

Requirements for placing an order
As for your order to be valid, you are required to:
Correctly fill in the names of recipient, a valid delivery address and a phone number for contact.
Choose your preferred way of delivery, following the instructions.
Activate your order by clicking on ‘Confirm’. As you confirm your order, you agree to the Terms of Use.
It is possible for you to make changes in the products or their amounts before clicking ‘Confirm’. If you wish to make a change in your order after placing the order, contact as on: phone: 00359870035 mobile: 00359878870035 Е-mail: sales@tashev.bg

Shopping procedure
After placing an order, you shortly receive an email, containing details of your order and confirmation that it is received.

Pricing and Payment
All prices are in BGN (Bulgarian Levs) and including VAT. All prices in EURO are for clients outside Bulgaria.

Almost all products in this site are TASHEV’s own manufacture or direct import - kept at large stocks, great variety and multiple colours. If a product is of out of stock or will soon be available, it may not be accessible for a short period of time. As it cannot be purchased, there is no ‘Add to Cart’ button. When it becomes available again, the “Add to Cart’ button is accessible again. In the product’s description you will find a date of next stock. You can make a request or reservation by email, phone, or though the contact form.

Payment on the territory of Bulgaria is done via ‘Cash on Delivery’, Credit Card, or Bank transfer. For countries in Europe, payment is done via Credit Card. If you want another way of payment, there are additional costs, so contact us by email, phone, or though the contact form.

Credit Card - through PayPal: Without any taxes or delivery delay.
After finalising your order, you’ll be redirected to PayPal’s site. If you have a PayPal registration, payment is done by entering your e-mail. If you don’t have a PayPal registration, you can either register or pay without registration.
Paying through PayPal is guaranteed both for the payer and the recipient.
All taxes are covered by us. You pay only the price of the products.
The order is dispatched after we receive an automatic confirmation from PayPal for the received sum. This happens after payment, unless there is no available amount on your credit card.
You receive … confirmation from PayPal to your e-mail for your payment.
If the confirmation is placed before 15.00 EET/UTC+2 (Bulgarian Time), the order is dispatched on the same day.

Bank Transfer - Paying via credit card is the fastest method and is also tax-free. If you prefer paying otherwise, you can pay via bank transfer. Please specify this in the Notes section and we will contact you for bank details and additional information. The banking costs are at your expense.


For orders over 500.00 BGN /255.00 Euro/ you receive a 10% discount. It is generated automatically.

For orders over 1500.00 BGN / 750.00 EUR / there is an additional discount. In such cases, we will contact you for the exact value of your discount. When choosing your paying method (credit card or bank transfer), please, do NOT pay before we contact you.

For every order you receive a gift.

Delivery and Warranty
Orders from outside of Bulgaria are delivered by DPD. Please keep in mind that DPD do NOT contact their clients on the phone. After three failed attempts of delivery, they return the package back to us. Therefore the address you write down in your order must be and address where there is constantly a person, all day, during working days. If you can’t guarantee this for your address, please provide as address for delivery a different one (eg. office address, friend’s address, or anyone’s address who is guaranteed to be available to receive the order from the address).

Every product is inspected before it’s shipped to the client. This includes whether the product is in order, its expiration date (if there is one), and if it’s fully packaged. TASHEV guarantees that by the time of shipping, the product is in perfect condition and without any defects. TASHEV is NOT responsible for damages, caused by inappropriate use, negligible storage, attempts of service or modification, or incidents and natural disasters.

Refund and Replacement

If the purchased product doesn’t meet your expectations, isn’t the right size or you just don’t like it, you have the right to return it within 14 days after purchase.

We can replace your product with another one or refund the paid amount into a bank account chosen by you. The refund is done within 2 days on the territory of Bulgaria and 5 days for bank accounts in Europe.

Conditions of Refund and Replacement
The product should not be used, or damaged in any way.
The product should be in its full, original packaging, with all of its content.
All paperwork must be included: all labels, receipt, and warranty card.

It the product meets the conditions above, contact us via email or phone:
Email: sales@tashev.bg
phone: +359 64 870035
mobile: +359 87 8870035

Send the product via courier to TASHEV’s address /NOT upon request/, with transport costs at your expense. Please, make sure the product is packaged well so that its original packaging isn’t damaged during transportation. 
After we receive the product and confirm it meet all of the conditions above, we execute a refund or replacement.
Transport costs aren’t refunded.

TASHEV has the right to decline a return or replacement of products which don’t meet TASHEV’s conditions of Refund and Replacement.




/in force since 25.05.2018/

Applying the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679, with the current Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection Policy we inform you about the way we collect, use and protect your personal data, which you provide us with when using TASHEV Outdoors’ e-store. This document has been prepared in accordance with the current Bulgarian and European legislation in the field of personal data protection.

Please, read carefully the Confidentiality Policy before using the e-store or provide is with your personal data through the e-store, by phone, mail or paper, as with the provision of your Personal Information, you agree to its terms. We collect your personal data directly from you, so you decide what information to provide us with. If you do not want us to process your personal data in the way, described in this Confidentiality Policy, please do not provide us with your personal data. The provision of personal data on your behalf is voluntary in order to use the e-store. Please keep in mind that we will not be able to deliver the product you ordered if you do not provide us with the necessary information.

If you have question regarding the current Confidentiality Policy, please contact us at: office@tashev.bg

The personal data administrator, processed by TASHEV Outdoors store is ET Georgi Tashev, UIC 114000470, Pleven, Zhk Drujba №60, TASHEV Building.

The Data Protection Officer of the Administrator - If you have questions regarding the current Confidentiality Policy, please contact him directly at: office@tashev.bg

The types of personal data we process:
When you place an order, you provide us with the following minimum of information, required for the processing and delivery of an order.
1. When choosing delivery to a courier office, chosen by you:
    Name and Surname
    Contact phone
2. When choosing delivery “to an address”, you provide us additionally with:
    Delivery address - country, city, ZIP code, address
3. If you want an invoice, you provide us additionally with:
    Three names / Company’s name
    PIN / UIC
4. If you want to return a product and receive a refund, you provide us additionally with:
    Bank account holder

Purposes and reasons for the use of your personal data
We will use the provided by you personal data only in your favour with the purpose of:
1. Processing and delivery of orders, made in this e-store
2. Solving problems regarding the return of products, in accordance with the current legislation
3. Refunding the value of purchased goods in accordance with the current legislation
4. Accounting
5. Contacting you
6. Sending information about new products and promotions via newsletter

We will demand your explicit prior consent before sending you e-newsletter.

You can change your decision and withdraw your consent anytime by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of every newsletter or by contacting us at:

Third persons who will access and process your personal data are:
1. Courier companies, in order to deliver your goods to you
2. The bank, which serves the payments, made from and towards you
3. PayPal, when paying via credit card
4. State authorities, institutions and individuals, to whom we are obliged to provide personal data in connection with their inspections in accordance with the current legislation.

The duration of time we keep your personal data depends on the processing purposes, which it was collected for
1. Account data - 5 years after your latest online order
2. Online order data - 5 years after the placing of the last order. The time duration is determined on the basis of the limitation period for repayment of the receivables.
3. Data for the purpose of issuing accounting documents (invoices, debit and credit notices, accounting records and financial statements, including tax control documents, audit and subsequent financial inspections) - at least 10 years, starting from January 1st of the reporting period, following the reporting period, to which they refer; All other bearers of accounting information - 3 years, starting from January 1st of the reporting period, following the reporting period, to which they refer. After the expiration of the specified time limit, all the data is deleted and cannot be restored and used any more.
4. Data for sending newsletters and promotions - email, which you have given us your prior explicit consent to receive our newsletter on - until you unsubscribe or we receive a written objection.

How do we protect your personal data
We guarantee the security of your personal data as we apply all necessary physical, organisational and technical measures, as well as the best practices by the international standards.
1.We keep your personal data on safe servers.
2. Access to your personal data is limited to a small number of trained employees only for processing orders and issuing documents.
3. Access to the computers, using personal data, is limited to the staff, in accordance with their job.
4. For maximum security during processing, transfer and storage of your data, we may use additional mechanisms of security like encryption, pseudonymization, etc.

The security measures we apply, are subject to constant improvement and adaptation to the latest technologies.

Your rights regarding personal data protection
You can exercise the rights below at any time by submitting an email to office@tashev.bg:
1. Right to access your stored personal data - with a written request and authentication of your identity.
2. Right to edit inaccurate or outdated personal data - this can be done by entering your profile or via written request to us, certifying your identity.
3. Right to delete - your personal data can be deleted at any time without unnecessary delay.
4. Right of withdrawal - you can withdraw your consent at anytime via written request to us. 
5. Right to appeal to the supervisory authority - you have the right to file a complaint directly to the Personal Data Protection Commission, address: Sofia 1592, “Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov” Blvd. #2 (www.cpdp.bg). You can file a complaint about the processing of your personal data to the administrator's contact details or directly to a Data Protection Officer. You will receive an answer within one month.
6. Right to object to direct marketing - You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by sending an email requesting the discontinuation of use of your data for direct marketing purposes at: office@tashev.bg

To exercise your rights, you can contact us by using the contact data above. To be sure of your identity, please use the email address you provided us with.
To make a purchase from our e-store and receive the it, we need certain contact and payment details. If you refuse to provide the necessary data, this will prevent purchase and delivery.
You can contact with the Tashev’s Data Protection Officer anytime at: office@tashev.bg, or 064/870035

Alterations to the Privacy Policy
In case a update to the current Privacy Policy is needed, alterations and additions will be applied only after being published on our site.