Refund and Replacement

If the purchased product doesn’t meet your expectations, isn’t the right size
or you just don’t like it, you have the right to return it within 14 days after purchase.

We can replace your product with another one or refund the paid amount into
a bank account chosen by you.

Conditions of Refund and Replacement:
1. The product should not be used, or damaged in any way.
2. The product should be in its full, original packaging, with all of its content.
3. All paperwork must be included: all labels, receipt, and warranty card.

It the product meets the conditions above, contact us via email or phone:
phone: +359 64 870035
mobile: +359 87 8870035

Send the product via courier to TASHEV’s address /NOT upon request/, with
transport costs at your expense. Please, make sure the product is packaged
well so that its original packaging isn’t damaged during transportation. 
After we receive the product and confirm it meet all of the conditions above,
we execute a refund or replacement.
Transport costs aren’t refunded.

TASHEV has the right to decline a return or replacement of products which
don’t meet TASHEV’s conditions of Refund and Replacement.