Order and Delivery

Free delivery for orders over 80.00lv. on the territory of Bulgaria, with Speedy courier, to some of their offices.

You can register yourself or order as a guest.

1. Order as a registered user:
A registration is useful if you order frequently from us.
Your information is automatically filled in every time you enter your profile with
your e-mail and password. Ordering this way is way faster.

Registering comes with its advantages:
- You can track your current order’s status from My Profile’s menu.
- You can save products in your Wish List and review them whenever you want.
- A history of all your orders is saved in your profile.
- You can subscribe to our newsletter, keeping up with all the latest news, sales and discounts.

2. Order as a guest
Registration is not required, so you can order as a guest. Just follow the steps
in the shopping cart. Your information will not be saved.

The e-way of placing an order is made for your convenience. You still have the
options of ordering on the phone or by e-mail, if preferred.

All orders, placed before 15:00 EET/UTC+2 (Bulgarian Time), are processed and
dispatched on the same working day, 
You can choose your courier - Speedy or Econt.
With Express delivery by Speedy or Econt, you receive your order on the next working day.
With Economy delivery by Speedy - on the second working day after purchase.

For orders over 80.00 BGN, the delivery is free of charge to an office of Speedy courier

In other cases, we cover part of the delivery cost. You pay a fixed amount:
4.50 BGN – for orders under 80.00 BGN

0,00 BGN – to an office of Speedy 
4.00 BGN – with Speedy, to your address
4.00 BGN – to an office of Econt
5.50 BGN – with Econt to your address 

The prices above are fixed for an order - they stay the same, regardless of the
size or price of the package. There are NO additional costs (for cash on delivery,
insurance, etc.) - the prices listed above is all you pay.

Choosing a specific hour of delivery is charged by the chosen courier’s tariff.
If you want such service, specify it in the Notes section. If you prefer receiving
your order via different courier company, the transport cost is at your expense.

We deliver to countries in Europe, some of their islands and Macedonia with DPD Economy Service and UPS.
When ordering, on step Delivery, choose a country from the list. If your country is not
on the list, please contact us at info@tashev.bg and we will check the possibilities of delivery.

All orders, placed before 15:00 EET/UTC+2 (Bulgarian Time), are processed
and dispatched on the same working day, excepting the ones, paid with credit card.
We despatch them on the next working day. 
The time of delivery is 3-10 working days
after a confirmed purchase /the day of dispatch and delivery are not included/,
depending on the country:

3 working days:

3-4 working days:
Czech Republic

4-5 working days:
Germany - Islands

5-6 working days:
Denmark - Islands
Netherlands - Islands
France - Islands
Italy - Islands

6-7 working days:
Finland - Islands
Sweden - Islands
Estonia - Islands

Please keep in mind that the couriers do NOT contact their clients on the phone. After three
failed attempts of delivery, they return the package back to us. Therefore the address
you write down in your order must be and address where there is constantly a person,
all day, during working days. If you can’t guarantee this for your address, please provide
as address for delivery a different one (eg. office address, friend’s address, or anyone’s
address who is guaranteed to be available to receive the order from the address).

Our transport pricing is preferential as we cover part of the transport costs. That’s
how you get the lowest transport prices from Bulgaria to Europe. You can see the
amount you have to pay for transport on ‘Step: Confirmation’. If you are not satisfied
with the price or the conditions for the address above, you can request a courier of
your choice at your expense. In such case, specify your request in the Notes section
when ordering or contact us at sales@tashev.bg.