Manufacturing / Technologies

The manufacture of a backpack is not just putting details together on a sewing machine. It's a long & laborious process, involving various manipulations with diverse complexity & specificity. Involved in this process are many people with diverse qualifications & skills, as well as various specified heavy duty machines as well as highly specialized sewing machines. Some of them are custom made for TASHEV's particular needs.

The backpacks are large products & their manufacture requires a solid technological base & large production & warehouse areas. In order to achieve a supreme quality & strength, TASHEV follows a strategy of complete independence. The company invests in its own production facilities & doesn't work with subcontractors.

The backpacks are manufactured at TASHEV's own factory, specially designed for the brand's collection, here, in Bulgaria. The refining of the products, the technology of manufacture, the qualification & skill raising of the team are all one constant process. Combined with the precise selection of premium materials, shipped from european factories, a high quality is guaranteed in every TASHEV product.
Products from a bulgarian brand, manufactured in Bulgaria with materials from Europe - TASHEV backpacks - "No China products".

The selection of materials is a responsible job when quality & strength are on focus. Research is involved, as well as constant awareness, & tests of new materials.

We select the materials for the TASHEV backpacks with close attention, because the strength & durability depend on them - the main priority of the brand TASHEV.

We supply high-class materials, made in european factories. They are not just fabrics & straps but specialized materials, made for products, exposed to extreme exploitation. Most of them are patented & worldwide brands, equivalent of strength & high quality: YKK® zippers, CORDURA® fabrics, Duraflex® buckles & plastic details, TEBOX® breathable fabrics. All other materials, used in TASHEV backpacks - materials for the back, threads, bands & belts, cords, eyelets - even those not visible - we choose carefully from trusted european suppliers with quaranteed quality & the right criteria. Through the years, we developed good partnership with several european factories. Some of the materials are custom made for us. A new material is implemented only if the product's quality would improve - the lower price is never a reason. We never use alternative materials, even if we'd lose orders.

Each material, even the patented ones & those stronger than we need, is tested by our methods in our testing centre: we put them under low temperatures & right away under high; we perform instantaneous pressure; heavy load on one spot; water tests & other. The prototypes of every new model or update are tested in real conditions in the mountains, with deliberately exaggerated rough exploitation, simulating a high drop of the backpack, a heavy rain, drop in a river & other.
An analisys of the behavior of the backpack is made, as well as of the condition of the key zones with highest tension. Changes are made if needed & if more tests are not necessary, the product is brought to manufacture.

More about the materials:

Cordura®DuPont® is a high-tech fabric, made from DuPont® for the manufacture of products, exposed to extreme use & requiring superior strength. All Cordura®-made products are highly resistant to abrasion, wear & tears. Their life span is longer than even the most durable polyester. Exceptionally strong polyamide threads are being put under special thermal treatment, resulting in 10 times stronger synthetic treads with the same weight. The fabric is unique with its durability at a light weight. Due to its unarguable & proven long life, Cordura® is globally recognized as the best fabric for backpacks.

Only the best fabric factories in the world own a DuPont® license for manufacturing Cordura®. TASHEV's cordura is made in Germany. The fabric has an excellent german quality, lightweight silicone impregnation & Teflon® coating - a protective upper layer, enhancing the fabric's strength & repelling dirt. This additional treatment prolongs the backpack's life even more & makes cleaning & maintenance easy. Beside Cordura® Classic, we brought in Diamond RipStop & several more varieties, all of them 100% Cordura®.

TASHEV's backpacks, made from Cordura®, are not only reinforced with Cordura on the key zones, but made ENTIRELY from Cordura® - durable & reliable products with a long life span & a remarkably light weight for their class. You would highly appreciate the fact that after years of use, the backpack would be as strong as the day you bought.

Look for the original marks, provided by DuPont® with every meter of CORDURA®: a cardboard label CORDURA®, attached to the product along with the rest of the labels & an original textile label CORDURA®, sewn to the the product.

Diamond RipStop Polyester
TASHEV's base model are made from Polyester. Backpacks, offering a simple look, but as functional as their Cordura® analogs. Diamond RipStop Polyester is made for TASHEV in a european factory, a long-time supplier of the company. The fabric is resistable to tension & tears & is meeting the high strength standards of TASHEV.

Micro RipStop Nylon
Micro RipStop Nylon – light & waterproof, but still a sturdy polyamide material, selected for raincovers & raincoats. Made in a european factory.

A globally leading brand for plastic buckles & details for the manufacture of outdoor backpacks. Found in USA, the brand offers the most functional & reliable plastic accessories for the outdoor industry. Each DURAFLEX® detail is made specially for a specific role in particular product. They are made from ACETAL - a product, altering its structure under -50°C, which makes them highly resistable to heavy loads & extreme temperatures. All plastic elements in TASHEV's backpacks are DURAFLEX®.

Breathable fabric
A breathable fabric, constructed for the contact zones - shoulder straps, back, hip belt. The special 3D fabric provides air flow & ventilation, which enables the skin to breath & reduces sweating. Consists of 3 layers - mesh upper, bonded with the mid layer through millions polyamide threads, forming a "cobweb" middle, through which the air flows freely when the pack is on the back. Еliminates the "adhesion" feeling & significantly increases comfort. It is also combined with a perforated penopropylene for the AIR shoulder straps of some models - lightweight & breathable.

Zippers YKK®
The japanese brand zippers YKK® is used with trust worldwide because of its flawless production standards & comprehensive processes for control of quality. The spiral is resistable to strong lateral streching & extensive use in various conditions - extreme temperatures, moisture, dust. The lifespan of the zippers depends not only on the tension but on the intensity of use as well - the number of openings & closings. On this matter the YKK® zippers are over 10 times more durable than all others. That's why all zippers in the TASHEV's products are YKK® - various sizes spiral zipper & velcro. Look for the YKK branding on the zip puller.